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Brittany Squillace

“Fitness is not a destination! It is a lifestyle! Enjoy the journey!”

Brittany’s passion for fitness developed later in life while attending college at the University of Minnesota Duluth. She found it as an escape from endless assignments and a positive way to channel energy. Her passion manifests as a lifestyle of fun activities (particularly caught in the middle of a dance floor!!), challenging herself with engaging in new exercise programs, and meal prepping. Pairing her fitness passion with her career of a mental health therapist, Brittany understands the connection between and the importance of health and wellness for both mind and body; when one area is neglected, the other suffers as well. While helping others work towards mental health on a daily basis, Brittany is thrilled to begin guiding others on their journey of physical health through her coaching at TIGERFIT. Brittany believes in order for growth to occur, we have to safely challenge and push our limits. With a challenging, yet fun, energetic and motivational atmosphere you are guaranteed to leave Brittany’s class feeling mentally and physically stronger (sore but stronger)!