LEAN is our signature 4-week body transformation program that targets the key elements to success: cardio, muscular strength, nutrition , weight loss and recovery. This evidence-based program is designed for training 3x a week in studio with a coach and includes unlimited classes in addition to attain optimal results. Our coaches customize a weekly training plan for you in advance and pre-select the classes you are required to attend based on your schedule availability. If you are traveling at all during this time, a plan will be sent to you. For cardio, we introduce the application of heart rate zone training focused on developing your cardiovascular efficiency and opening your “fat-burning'“ window. For strength, we introduce watt training and functional strength training. The benefits for strength training regularly will increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). It also gives you more sustained energy throughout the day. For recovery, we introduce Heart Rate Variability to monitor the parasympathetic and sympathetic system (how your body is responding), heated yoga, foam rolling and more. This is the beginning phase of your body transformation.


*Complimentary for all VIP Members

*Fee based for Signature and non-members

It’s not just about how well you train, it’s also about how well you recover. Using the latest technology in heart rate variability monitoring, we can take a look at the balance / imbalance of your Parasympathetic (rest + digest) vs. Sympathetic (Fight or Flight) Nervous System Activity.

Based on your daily Heart Rate Variability (HRV) score, you’ll know what type and intensity of training you should do any given day.

It’s easy and it’s smart. This is the way to optimize your fitness with evidence-based methods to back it up.

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Young athletes can benefit from individualized training at an early age while continuing to elevate their play at a collegiate or pro level. Our coaches have experience training youth to improve performance across a wide range of sports including Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, and more. Summer 2019 Program offers two, three week sessions, starting June 10 or July 8. We train with an emphasis on (but not limited to) three major categories of sports performance:

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Quickness


Improve Your Technical Soccer Skills:

  • Control of the Ball

  • Comfort in Possession of the Ball

  • Confidence on the Ball

  • Creativity on the Ball