VO2 Max Test

VO2 Max is the maximal volume of oxygen that your body can deliver to working muscles in an intense bout of exercise. Testing your VO2 Max provides an accurate measurement of your cardiovascular health and performance potential. From your results, we are able to define your specific heart rate training zones for fat burning, and aerobic and anaerobic thresholds so you can train with purpose. We use the world’s first wearable, portable VO2 mask from VO2 Master, a game changer in fitness testing. Testing will include a detailed report of your results with custom heart rate training zones for you to take your fitness to the next level.

Cost $120

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It starts here.  You can only change what you measure.  The InBody 570 test reveals a comprehensive muscle + fat diagnosis.  Translation:  Body Fat % and Lean Muscle mass distribution allows us to identify the opportunities for your body type and goals.  Knowing your body composition is relevant for any weight loss, strength or fitness program.  All are key components for measuring success.  This tool is within 1.5% accurate in results.  

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It’s not just about how well you train, it’s also about how well you recover. Using the latest technology in heart rate variability monitoring, we can take a look at the balance / imbalance of your Parasympathetic (rest + digest) vs. Sympathetic (Fight or Flight) Nervous System Activity.

Based on your daily Heart Rate Variability (HRV) score, you’ll know what type and intensity of training you should do any given day.

It’s easy and it’s smart. This is the way to optimize your fitness with evidence-based methods to back it up.

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