Co-Founder / Celebrity Trainer / iFit Daily Fitness Expert & Spokesmodel / Season 16 Trainer Runner-up for NBC's reality show The Biggest Loser / Named America's "Next Fitness Star" by Women's Health Magazine / Produced Women's Health Magazine Best Selling DVD series (2014)

A mom of two elite soccer players and an athlete all of her life, Stacie brings over 20 years experience in fitness & athletic development to her clients and loyal followers. As co-creator of the TIGER Method, she believes you must train the body to move properly through mobility, stability, and strength (& have fun doing it!)

Stacie believes athletes must earn the right to be fit and to do that one must train with purpose. Known as a kick-ass motivator with limitless energy, Stacie puts the purpose in your training. To her, it's a lifestyle, not a job. Her work is her play and her play is her work.